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Just Barcodes allows you to create bitmap images of barcodes.

You specify the barcode number, resolution and a few other settings. Then you can save the image to disk, copy it to the clipboard, or print it. There is also a Batch Save feature, for generating multiple barcodes.

Just Barcodes is quick and easy to use. You can save your settings as a project file, to speed-up the creation of similar barcodes in the future. Even if you already have barcode labelling software, you may find it easier to generate "one-off" barcodes using Just Barcodes.

Follow Getting Started to find out how to use Just Barcodes.

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Please Note

Printing technology can vary between makes and over time. So we recommend that you regularly print and check a samples of your barcodes using a barcode verifier / scanner, particularly for critical applications. Also, please be careful to enter the correct barcode number.

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