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Q. What does it do?

A. Just Barcodes allows you to generate bitmap images of barcodes. These may be printed, saved or copied to other application programs.

Q. Can I design labels with it?

A. Not directly. Just Barcodes is designed to generate barcodes for use in other programs, such as your favourite image editor or desktop publishing package. For this reason, it does not allow you to draw lines or add general text, and only has basic printing facilities (for testing purposes).

Q. How do I obtain a barcode number for my product?

A. Before you can use UPC or EAN codes in retail applications, you need to get an EAN.UCC company prefix, by contacting your GS1 Member Organisation. Please view the following web page for more information: http://www.ean-int.org/productssolutions/barcodes/implementation/

At the time of writing, the above page includes a link showing where to contact the appropriate authority for your part of the world. Once you have a company prefix, you can form a barcode number by appending your own item reference number to it. Then you can generate the barcode using a program such as Just Barcodes, ready for printing on your product.

Alternatively, go to the GS1 home page at: http://www.ean-int.org

Q. Where can I find out more about ISBN numbers for Bookland EAN?

A. The ISBN Users' Manual, available at www.isbn-international.org/en/manual.html is a good place to start.

Q. Why was Just Barcodes renamed?

A. Before 17 April 2011, Just Barcodes was called Just Bar Codes. It was renamed because we think that more people search for "barcode" than for "bar code", so it should make it easier to find. We started with "bar code" because we originally thought that being technically correct was the most important thing.


User Questions

Q. I cannot get the exact magnification % value that I want.

A. The resolution you are using determines what magnification values are possible.

Q. Why do I get black horizontal lines across my TIFF files?

A. Just Barcodes saves the TIFF files correctly, but some software fails to render certain compressed TIFF files correctly, including the previews in Vista and Windows 7. For Windows 7, this hotfix is available from Microsoft. More information is on this Microsoft web page. An alternative is to save the files without compression (this is set using Preferences).

Q. Where can I get the OCR-B font recommended for EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A or UPC-E barcodes?

A. One source is www.myfonts.com. The suggested type is TrueType for Windows. We do not supply this font in order to keep the price to a minimum. (Some users may already have this font on their system. Others may use a symbology that does not require OCR-B, such as Code 39 or Code 128.)


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