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Creating Settings Files


EAN-8 Generation Using Settings File

Create a text file using Notepad containing the following lines, and save it as MyFile.txt

// Just Barcodes CL settings file example
// Set the symbology, magnification, resolution and font
-sym ean8
-mag 120
-res 360
-font Arial

// Output to the clipboard

Now we can use the options contained in the file to generate an EAN-8 barcode at the command line as follows:

jbccl -data 4567890 -set MyFile.txt

This produces the following barcode on the clipboard:

EAN-8 Sample

Note: we have assumed that the settings file was saved in the current directory, so that it can be found without using its full path name. Otherwise we would need to include the path to the settings file, e.g.

jbccl -data 4567890 -set C:\Test\MyFile.txt

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