Just Barcodes CL Help - UPC-A Command Line Options

Data / number
-data [Data]
Sets the barcode number. Required
e.g. to set the barcode number to 12345678901 (assuming the automatic check digit will be appended):
-data 1234567
11 Digits are required unless the -nocheck option is used (see below), in which case 12 digits are needed.
No check digit
Prevents the check digit from being automatically calculated and appended. Optional
If this option is used, you need to provide your own check digit (see -data above).
Allow incorrect check digit
Allows you to supply an incorrect check digit (for specialised testing purposes). Optional
For this option to have any effect, you also need to use the -nocheck option and provide a check digit.
Warning This option should be used with care, as it allows unscannable barcodes to be generated!
-mag [Magnification]
Sets the desired magnification as a percentage of standard size. Optional
e.g. to set the desired magnification to 80 %
-mag 80
Default: 100
Range: 50 - 200
Magnification choice
-magc [closest | greater | less]
Selects what to do if the exact desired magnification cannot be achieved. Optional
Use greater for the closest available magnification greater than or equal to the chosen value.
Use less for the closest available magnification less than or equal to the chosen value, e.g.
-magc less
Default: closest (this chooses the closest available value)
Bar height
-height [Height]
Sets the height of the bars as a percentage of standard height. Optional
e.g. to set the height to 120 % of standard:
-height 120
Default: 100
Range: 20 - 200


Generate a UPC-A with:

Command line:
jbccl -sym upca -data 34567890123 -font Arial -outfile test.bmp

This produces the following barcode in the specified file:

UPC-A Sample

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