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During the trial period, if you are calling Just Barcodes CL from another application, it may fail to display the reminder screen. This will prevent it from working. To avoid this problem, use the -noremw option. This prevents the reminder window from being displayed. (It also introduces a 5-second delay - but only when used during the trial period.)

General Command Line Messages

Error: Option .... does not begin with -
All command line options and settings file entries must begin with -
(e.g. -font Arial)
Check that the previous option is correct - this can sometimes cause the next option to be misinterpreted.
Error: Unrecognised option: ....
The given command line option is not known. Check the spelling and (as with the error above) carefully check the option immediately before this one.
Error: Duplicate option: -xxx
Each command line option can only appear once. The duplicate might be on the command line or in the settings file (if used).
Error: Required option not found: -xxx
The given option is required but was not found. You need to include the given option to generate the barcode.
Error: Cannot open settings file: ....
The settings file specified using the -set option cannot be opened. You will need to include the path name if the file is in a different directory (folder), e.g.
-set C:\Test\MySettingsFile.txt
Error: Failed to output to clipboard
The barcode image could not be copied to the clipboard.
Error: Failed to output to file: ....
The barcode image could not be stored in the given file. This might be cause the file is open or in use by another application program.
Error: Font does not exist: ...
Check the specified font name carefully. Font names are case sensitive, e.g. this error can occur if you specify -font arial instead of -font Arial.
Warning: Empty settings file: ....
The settings file specified using the -set option does not contain any options.
Warning: Barcode has not been output
Neither of the output options (-outclip or -outfile) were chosen.
Warning: The following options are not applicable and will be ignored
Some options were included that are not applicable for the chosen symbology, so they will not be used.
Warning: No output file specified to delete
The -delfile option was used without the -outfile option, so Just Barcodes CL does not have a file name to delete if an error occurs.
'jbccl' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Just Barcodes CL is not installed correctly or not in the current program search path. Either re-install the software or, if you know where the jbccl.exe file is stored, add its folder to the path, e.g. if it is located in c:\test use:
path %path%;c:\test

Barcode Messages

Not a valid UPC-E number
UPC-E allows certain UPC-A numbers to be represented using a shorter barcode by suppressing zeroes. The number you have used does not comply with requirements for this and is not valid.
Number contains non-numeric value
Only numbers can be used for the barcode data.
Bad check digit
The check digit is not valid, so the barcode cannot be generated. Generally, it is easier to allow Just Barcodes CL to calculate the check digit for you. The check digit will always be correct then, and you do not have to provide as many digits!
Insufficient characters
Provide more characters / digits for the barcode data.
Ignoring extra digit
You have provided one more digit for the barcode number than is necessary, so the last one is ignored.
Ignoring excess digits
You have provided two or more digits for the barcode number than are necessary, so the last ones are ignored.
First digit must be zero
For the symbology currently in use, the first digit must be a zero.
Application identifier .... is not valid
You have provided an invalid EAN 128 application identifier.
Application identifier nnnn data is not valid. Expected ...
The data you provided after the given EAN 128 application identifier is invalid. (A description of what is wrong will follow.)
... is not a valid Code 39 character
The given character is not available for use in Code 39 barcodes.
... is not a valid Code 128 character
The given character is not available for use in Code 128 barcodes.
... not valid
The given setting contains characters that are not allowed, e.g. if you enter a letter where only numbers are allowed, such as in the barcode height edit box.
... must be no more than ...
The given setting needs to be reduced in value.
... must be at least ...
The given setting needs to be increased in value.
Prefix (-prefix) must be 978 to use ISBN-10 / Number (-data) must begin with 978.
For Bookland EAN, if ISBN-10 is enabled, you are limited to using a prefix of 978. If no ISBN is enabled or if only ISBN-13 is enabled, any prefix is allowed.
Prefix (-prefix) should be 978 or 979 / Number (-data) must begin with 978 or 979.
For Bookland EAN, a prefix of 978 or 979 is normally used. However, any number may be entered, to provide more flexibility.
Prefix (-prefix) must contain 3 digits.
For Bookland EAN with the prefix option, three digits need to be entered into the prefix box. Normally, 978 or 979 is used.
ISBN-10 format (-isbn10f) must only contain - or N characters.
For Bookland EAN, the format box normally contains N-NNNN-NNNN-N to indicate the desired digit and dash positions in the ISBN-10. Only N or - characters should be entered.
ISBN-13 format (-isbn13f) must only contain - or N characters.
For Bookland EAN, the format box normally contains NNN-N-NNNN-NNNN-N to indicate the desired digit and dash positions in the ISBN-13. Only N or - characters should be entered.
Both ISBN formats (-isbn10f / -isbn13f) must end with NN or N-N when using the align digits option.
For Bookland EAN, both the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 format strings need to end as described above for the align digits option to work.
Add-on light margin (-addonlight) must be 7 to 10 units.
For Bookland EAN, the add-on light margin must be within the specified range.

General Messages

Thank You: The Licence Key was accepted
You have successfully unlocked Just Barcodes CL!
Message: The licence has expired. Would you like to enter a new Licence Key?
Your trial or temporary licence has expired. You need to purchase a licence to continue using Just Barcodes CL.
Error 1: The Licence Key was not recognised
Error 2: The Licence Key was not accepted. Please check and try again
Please review the section Using Your Licence Key. If the problem persists and you have paid for a licence, please send a support request.
Error 3: The Licence Key entered has already expired
You are trying to use a key that is no longer valid. Please check you have the right key.

Licence Messages

Error 20: Failed to open the help file. You may need to re-install Just Barcodes CL
The help file could not be found, or your PC does not have the HTML help system installed. Try re-installing Just Barcodes CL.
Error: Failed to output to file: [File Name]
An error occurred when trying to save the barcode image. Check that there is sufficient space, the disk is not write-protected and that a read-only file does not already exist. When using large barcodes and high resolutions, images of 200MB or more can be generated.
Error: Failed to output to clipboard
This may occur when trying to copy a very large barcode at high resolution. The only solution is to use the Save Barcode Image command instead.

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